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My Hobbies (to be updated)


2-channel audio


I am extremely interested in the recording and reproduction of sound.  I have spent the last 5 years building and tweaking my audio system in an attempt to recreate the most natural and 'live' sound as possible.  The primary concerns in my audio system are a well-defined stereo soundstage with precise instrument placement (most possible with a good recording, of course :)), a relatively flat and extended frequency response at the listening position, and very low overall distortion, even at 'concert-like' listening levels.


Since I am also an avid electronics hobbist, I have built most of my system from various kits I have found online.  Moreover, I have rebuilt several pieces of vintage audio equipment (power amplifiers, preamplifiers, old radios and consoles) -- some of which are currently in use.


At some point, I will upload some albums of some of my kit-building and equipment rebuilding processes.


My current audio system:


Room:  16' (w) x 22' (d) x 8' (h) -- treated with corner bass traps and a combination of absorption and diffusion at reflection points


Front End:


- Teac CD Transport or Squeezebox Touch for high-res audio (both to be upgraded at some point)

- Emotiva Stealth DAC

- Behringer DEQ 2496 equalizer used only in the digital domain and below ~500Hz to gently tame room modes

- Vacuum Tube Audio (VTA) SP-13 preamp using 6FQ7 tube linestage -- made from a kit

- Outlaw Audio ICBM-1 Active Crossover for dual Subwoofers (crossover point:  60Hz)


Power Amplifiers:


- Vacuum Tube Audio (VTA) M-125 Monoblocks (pair, ~140w each, based on Tung-Sol KT-120 power tubes with Cifte 12AT7 driver tubes)

- Class D Audio SDS-470 (~600wpc at 4 ohms, powering subwoofers)





- Philharmonic Audio Model 2 (crossover designed by Dennis Murphy and transmission line cabinet designed by Paul Kittinger)



- Dual sealed 15' Ultimax (Dayton Audio) subwoofers in 3 cu. ft. enclosures






Some pictures of my system


I am also an avid photographer.  I especially enjoy photographing naturally-occuring and man-made textures and geometric shapes, landscapes, macro photogrpahy, and candid photography.  As time permits (ha!), I will upload links to some albums.

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